Good evening

Hello again world of cats! I was thinking to say I’d write a yearly post about us, but then I noticed that it’s already been TWO years since the latest post in this blog! Time surely flies. Although the world around has been quite strange the last couple of years, I have to say that us kitties have been living life as usual around here. Well, for the exception that our staff, I mean mom and dad (the big one), have been spending a lot of time at home, doing distance work. Well, I don’t know if you can call it working when they just sit in front of their laptops and type type type and scroll scroll scroll. Well, that’s what they call it and I guess get paid for it (at least we’ve been getting our foods served as per usual, which is highly important). Also the kids were at some point doing distance school, which was like a long holiday for us kitties! All four of our staff members 24/7 at our service!

I thought to go and visit some of the kitty-blogs I remember. I know I have been MIA for a long time, has the cat blogging world changed a lot? I noticed Summer is doing fine in her blog, The Island Cats are still active, but when visiting The Trout Towne, I just learned the sad news that Tuna has passed away… So sad. I must give respect for your active cat bloggers who have been blogging all the time while our ambivalent mom has just been “busy” with her other random stuff. I don’t know, maybe she could rekindle this blogging thing with us again, we’ll see. At least she says she would need a hobby. And since she is not at all athletic, and the weather outside is getting colder, this blogging thing might just be something to consider. Also, the kids are getting quite big already, and they have their own hobbies and things to do.

Anyhow, our kitty life is pretty much as it has been before; we get along with Pablo, at least most of the time. In the summer we’ve spent time on the lakeside, which is always nice. Pablo has been busy making his marks around the house, which annoys mom and the big one quite a lot. He has specialized in scratching door and window frames. My speciality is a very old and dear antique desk upstairs. Well, you all know that a cat gotta do what a cat gotta do.

Pablo is better at posing for mom’s camera, I like to retire upstairs for most of the time to spend time in sweet solitude. So that is why it seems that Pablo is getting all of the fifteen minutes of fame, I’ll gladly let him do that.

I hope you’re all well, maybe we’ll meet around here every now and then!

Hello world of kitties

It’s been a while, we have been mostly active on our Instagram-account. But just now mom thought she would put some photos up here, just in case someone still visits this very quiet blog 🙂

The thing is that mom has finally got a proper new camera, and she’s learning to take pictures with it. I guess we’d better get used to be her models… So here are some very recent pics of us.


This is Pablo in his new favourite chair. See the fluffy lambs fur on it? It’s lovely to take a nap, or chase some toy mice on it.


This is taken just a few minutes ago. It’s sunny but quite chilly outside. I get to go outside without a harness every now and then, because I know how to behave. Pablo in the other hand escaped his harness the other day, and hid under neighbors terrace for a while… Luckily mom caught him, but now he’s under very strict surveillance…


And this is us the other night.

I hope you have a nice Monday evening, maybe see you in Instagram? Go follow us @iamcarlosthecat !


All the merry we had…

Whoops, Christmas passed and my blog has been so silent. IRL we kitties have had loads of fun, especially Pablo. His first Christmas you know. I get my fun nowadays just watching him doing his thing, without getting my “paws dirty” if you know what I mean.

We got our fake Christmas tree up very early this year, so Pablo has been enjoying it to the fullest. It’s seems that the tree is quite kitty-proof, since it survived daily climbs (by Pablo) pretty well. Only some dented and one loose branch. Which mom used to create a kitty xmas-tree out of our cat tree. It didn’t stop Pablo for climbing the real one though… Then some pictures!

Pablo’s own tree. The string was removed for safety reasons, allthough we weren’t really interested of it.

Today, Pablo was “helping” mom to take off all the ornaments.

The feeling when your mom cancels all the fun and merry, and takes away the bestest toy you ever had. Even your toy rat looks depressed. Life sucks a bit after Christmas, Pablo…

We hope you all have had a good Christmas time, and wish you a very happy New Year!


Time flies again, but let it fly I say. It’s soon Christmas, and I hope Santa will bring some goodies to us! I know I’ve been so good this year. Especially comparing to Pablo, I’m behaving like an angel.

Pablo keeps growing, and now he too can jump on the fireplace.

He has also calmed down quite a lot, and enjoys multiple naps during the day and night. He’s not yet been neutered, but I’m sure the day will come for him too…

Always snoozing by mom or on her lap. He’s such a charmer…

Have a great week!

Caturday again

It seems that this time before Christmas is going fast forward. Well, I don’t really mind, Christmas is a nice thing. Mom is just a bit worried how we are going to have the Christmas tree this year, since Pablo is such an active creature. I’m sure he will climb on it many times every day.

I noticed that my throne can also be used for casual loungeing. Mom was obviously right there with her phone camera. I’ve been exceptionally social today, which has made mom happy. She thinks that I’m feeling insulted because of Pablo, since I don’t hang out with mom that much nowadays. Well, she might be right…

But now it’s Caturday night, and we are happily chilling out here together. Have a great weekend!

Hello guys!

What’s up with this silence, mom has been a bit too busy I guess.

Well, Pablo has learned some new skills… After demolishing a couple of flowers, he has moved to catching lamps on the ceiling. ..

Mom is not impressed, Pablo already got a piece of that lampshade off… I have to give him some credit, I used to stare at that lamp and dream of catching it, but never really got around to it. It’s nice to see the younger generation to be more active. Pablo sure is improving his bounce, he might be joining me on top of the fireplace pretty soon…

This is why we don’t keep windows open…

One incident from last summer came to my mind, when da tabbies commented about open windows season being soon over.

We don’t keep windows open, because I have this skill to sneak out of them no matter how hard the humans try to keep an eye on me and the doors (to the room with the open window) closed. Obviously they could put some net/cage to the windows but they are too lazy for that.

Anyhow, last summer was very hot around here, and our upstairs (where the kids sleep) was like a sauna. Our AC doesn’t quite reach there, so they tried to keep the windows open every now and then. I took my change…

The freedom was sweet while it lasted, but obviously all good things come to an end. I was too afraid to jump all the way to the ground (this is the lower roof to the carage) so I had to go by the window again and the kids caught me back inside.

I think I now miss summer already…

Fur on fur

Hello furry friends! We’ve had a different week since kids have had a holiday from school. Also mom took a couple of days off, so we have had good service and entertainment almost 24/7.

Pablo took a nap on a sheeps fur, and I think he blends in pretty nicely.

Have a great weekend!